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"Monique's ministry style is nothing short of inspiring. Her impactful presentations, infused with humor and profound wisdom, have a transformative effect on audiences. They are highly engaging and undeniably relevant to our time. She's a beacon of light, guiding others towards a deeper connection with God."

Tony Anthony

CEO- Great Commission Society

London, England

"Monique De Leon, a woman of God and faith, ministers in a unique way, in the sense that she's sensitive to the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. We see the evidence of the outworking of the Holy Spirit as God uses her at every meeting whether it is in our schools, prisons or local churches. So many of our people, especially our young children who live in bondage because of wrong decisions they've made, receive deliverance through prayer, one-on-one counseling, encouragement and the powerful message Monique brings. Monique is a real gem in the Kingdom and a blessing to many across the globe."

Rosy Jacobs

Ministry Administrator - World Hope Ministries

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Monique is a truly remarkable woman of God—radiant, gifted, and deeply devoted to advancing His Kingdom. I had the privilege of meeting Monique through her dedicated service at TRINICY, Inc., where she shines as a Christian Mentor, guiding young women with a solid biblical foundation and unwavering commitment to purity. In a world saturated with sexual pressures, Monique's steadfast stance on abstinence and purity is a beacon of hope and strength for young women everywhere. TRINICY has wisely entrusted three Mentees to her loving care—one in middle school, one in high school, and one in college—highlighting the profound impact of her ministry. Monique's life is a living testimony to the beauty and joy found in surrendering to God's plan. While her spiritual depth may be challenging for some to grasp, her journey exemplifies that a life of sexual purity is not only attainable but also enriching, deepening our trust in God's faithfulness. Monique is truly a rare gem, and her ministry is a blessing to all who encounter it."

Merzamie Clark

Founder - TRINICY, Inc.

Arizona, U.S.A.

“Monique is unashamedly not conforming to the patterns of this world and seeking to inspire others to live boldly and purely for Christ. Her ministry and message are an inspiration for many because she doesn’t just talk about it, she is about it. I am grateful for how passionately and intimately she ministered to the Young Adults in our church. It was a blessing to partner with her.”

Pastor Sam Buchanan

Young Adult Pastor - Cottonwood Church

California, U.S.A.

Worship References

To invite Monique to come please go to the Booking page.

"Monique has been gifted by God not only with a beautiful voice, but also with a true heart of worship. She is a wonderful combination of being a powerful worship leader as well as an inspirational worshipper! Her style of worship has always been Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led, and a response of gratitude toward the Father."

Dan Kotoff - Minister, Nampa, ID

"What an amazing worship experience from the Lord and Monique. It was a blessing to meet Monique, her mom and the band. We were excited to serve and be a blessing to our new family in the faith. We could go on and on about our new profound family, but you have to experience this type of worship for yourself. We also had the opportunity to eat, laugh, and talk with this awesome team. Just to hear the passion from their hearts to want to serve the Lord and the people around the world was amazing. Monique De Leon has a true heart of worship. She isn't doing it for the money, she's doing it for the Lord."

-Pastors Al & Vivian Robinson - Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry, NY

"Restoration Church ABQ had a tremendous time when Monique led us in worship. The energy and passion she has will not soon be forgotten as she ushered in the Holy Spirit. Highly recommend her for any worship event."

-Pastor Valentino Pacheco - Restoration Church ABQ, NM

"Monique De Leon brings in an environment of worship that is both exciting and heartfelt at the same time. More than just singing about God, she is singing to God."

-The Prophet X - Senior Pastor at Prophecy Christian Ministries, AZ

Monique & The Salvation Army

For several years Monique has done ministry with and for The Salvation Army. From volunteer work, to leading worship on Sunday mornings at several different Corps, to ministering at numerous Adult Rehabilitation Centers, to singing at special events, graduations and conferences across the United States. Monique has a strong connection to The Salvation Army and supports everything that they do for communities, the fight against human trafficking, rehabilitation programs, etc. If you are unfamiliar with what The Salvation Army does, we strongly encourage you to look into them.

If you are a part of The Salvation Army and would like to have Monique come and minister in worship or special music, please contact Margie (562) 506-7441 or email at: info@moniquedeleon.com

A list of references will be given upon request.

Dear Monique,

I want to thank you for your music ministry on Sunday , May 14th at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. I am sorry I was unable to be there but thank God for your ministry.

Major Muhs

Major Beth Muhs

Administrator for Program Manhattan ARC

"Monique is an annointed worship leader. Her willingness to serve and help those in need, along with her dedication to ministry has definitely blessed our Church!"

Captain Alexander Williams, Inglewood, CA Corps



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