Group Coaching & Online Courses

Monique offers a number of Online Courses to help you grow spiritually. She also offers group coaching through her: Thriving in Singlehood Mentorship Program - How to do Singleness well.

As a Christian single it can definitely be hard sometimes. Trust me...I understand! 🙋🏽‍♀️But I am here to encourage you, help you grow spiritually, and help you to do singleness well! So, join me and host of others as I meet with you for 6 weeks in a row via Zoom to do some in-depth teaching on things that you can fully relate to, need understanding in, have honest conversations about, pray together and make you laugh in the process! 😁
This mentorship program includes group discussions, self-assessment exercises, and practical guidance to support Christian singles in navigating the dating world while adhering to their faith and values.

Next session starts October 7th - November 11th 2024. Early enrollment available.

Thriving in Singlehood

Pursuing Purity Online Courses

Monique has created online courses to help you on this journey of purity. Her encouragement is to:

seek the transformation, embrace the challenge, discover the freedom.


Pursuing God Under Pressure

Temptation Under Pressure

Sex- Spirit, Soul & Body

The Holy Spirit

Holiness Under Pressure

Bible Studies


Monique's Brand-New Book!

Satisfyingly Single...for now!

"Satisfyingly Single" is by far one of the best books on relationships out there. What sets it apart? It's completely devoid of clichés. Monique has a unique ability to bring the text alive with relatable examples, making complex topics not just understandable, but also engaging.

The book covers a broad range of relational aspects, from being content in singleness to understanding when you're ready for more serious commitments like marriage. It strikes a fine balance, encouraging personal growth while not pushing any specific agenda. Its relatability transcends denominational boundaries, resonating with all Christ followers.

The only downside is that the book eventually ends, leaving you craving for more. It's a rollercoaster of emotions: it will make you laugh, compel you to think deeply, and, most importantly, guide you toward making the best decisions for your future while remaining biblically aligned.

Satisfyingly Single isn't just a book; it's a life guide for anyone navigating the complexities of relationships at any stage. It's a guide for men and women, young and old.

This book is perfect for all the single people in your life!

They will be encouraged, challenged and inspired. It can also be used as a part of a book club.

Along with this book, Monique is setting up Singles Conferences across the U.S. Christian singles are a very large demographic within the body of Christ that Monique believes are not ministered to enough as a whole. So, she has a fresh vision to resource Christian singles and help them grow in their walk with God. For more information, and how you can host one please send an email or book a call on her Booking page.


Women in the Lineage

of Jesus

There were only 5 of them, but who were they? Why did God include them? What was the significance in having them listed in the lineage of His Son? In this eBook from Monique, you will be inspired and encouraged as you learn about these women. You will enjoy this quick read that is full of history, information and insight.

Pursuing Purity Under Pressure

Get the book that is starting a movement.

Insightful, encouraging, challenging and relateable is how you would describe this new book from Monique. Especially in the world we live in today, it's nice to have a fresh voice tackle such a topic that is not talked about enough in the church today. Monique does so in a way that young and old, single or dating, men and women will be able to relate to. This book will not only encourage you on your walk in purity but will also stir your heart to dig deeper into God's word. It also comforts and gives hope to those who may have gone contrary to God's original plan. This is a must-read for every believer; male and female, young and old, single and married.

Book Reviews

Great book!

Great book filled with practical steps an individual can take to resist the pressure and temptation they may encounter during their pursuit of purity. Good resource for adults, young adults, teens, and parents of teens!

Love this book!

Wow! What an amazing read! Concise, informative and inspiring!

Excellent easy read!

I really enjoyed reading this book. I think it can help all ages especially our younger people who are starting to date. One key take away for me was how we should honor God with our choices, and keep ourselves holy before God with our bodies.

Please Read

This book is Awesome for children, teenagers and adults. It helps them to understand how special each one is and know the only thing you can give someone else is your self. God made you and loves you. This book helps you to realize this. I am buying copies for my ten children to give to their children and grandchildren. This book will stay in my family for generations.

Thank you, Monique

Great book!

Monique provides great insight not just as someone giving advice but as someone walking through her calling to live pure in a world that accepts so many other options. Good resource!

Authentic, Direct, by someone who has "walked the walk"

The book is small, which is perfect. The author has lived every chapter in the book, and even though she is female, she managed to write a chapter directed to males. It is so important for any purity manual to address that purity is a two-way street. She covers God's perfect plan for our lives. She debunks the intense and false need to be physically perfect, especially with the ridiculous standard social media creates. Instead the reader is directed to the knowledge that God has made us each individually perfect in His sight. This book covers how our brokenness can make us feel empty and the danger of our choices in a quest to to fill a natural need for love and acceptance. Just about every thing you can think of is covered in this small and easy to read book. I bought two for family members. I recommend this for teens to young adults in a relationship. Also for recommended reading for youth groups.

Practical & not too “preachy”

I would have loved to have read this as a young lady or young man. Monique writes in a way of a loving friend or mentor. She is coming alongside you cheering you on and encouraging you not to fit in but to stand out as the valuable queen or king you are! She shares her experiences and allows you to gleen from her struggles and insight! I recommend this for someone of any age. The book is written for love and best interest of the reader!

Highly recommend

Wow! I love this book, the author’s explanation is just what teens need to hear. I just ordered 3 more to give as gifts. I've been talking to all my friends about it.


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